Coordination Layer Testnet Launch – Genesis Incentivized Sprint






Tech Updates

Well, this is the moment where this community explodes, a testnet launches, adoption follows, and Nillion becomes a household name that you’ll all laugh and want to say “hey I was there before anyone knew about it!”

Every great story starts with a beginning. And Phase 1, the Genesis incentivized sprint, is the launch of the Coordination Layer testnet. This Phase consists of a 4 week sprint where you, the community, help load test the network before the integration of the pre-production Petnet in Phase 2.

During Phase 1, the Coordination Layer is functionally limited for evaluation of the baseline chain performance.

Controlled testing allows the Nillion team and community to identify and resolve potential issues in preparation for more complex operations in phase 2. Think of it as warming before the full-fledged race.

Phase 1’s Coordination Layer functionality is as follows:

For developers looking to build Blind Applications, the “Quickstart Guide” can be used to get started building with the Nillion SDK for immediate deployment in Phase 2. During Phase 1, you can also potentially earn $1,000 per week by participating in the Building Blind bounties, a weekly bounty challenge rewarding best implementations.

This first Phase will be short and intense, and then it’s on to Phase 2 in which the Petnet increases decentralization by bringing external nodes online and thoroughly testing applications built in Phase 1. LFG!

The “fine print”: early developer incentives will be subject to other eligibility criteria, including consideration of location/residence. While the Nillion team would love for all community members to be positioned to receive incentives for providing early Network testing and support, we are committed to compliance as much as we are committed to innovation.

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