Nillion unlocks

Personalized AI.

Humanity's first blind computer.


Nillion decentralizes trust for sensitive data in the same way that blockchains decentralized transactions.

We're in the midst of a data renaissance. Emerging ecosystems like personalized AI, decentralized trading and identity risk the safety, power and control of important data by entrusting it to one entity.

The Nillion thesis: Decentralized, private data will be the backbone of tomorrow's biggest industries - opening up a vast white space of web3 use cases and verticals.

[ How it
works ]


Processing Layer

Nodes are deployed with Nillion's NDK (Node Deployment Kit) and connect to form compute clusters that distribute the trust of securely processing data.


Coordination Layer

A blockchain execution environment, streamlined to only support intra-node use, facilitates payments, requests, and network resource coordination.


Connectivity Layer

The network interfaces with external systems and blockchains to expand access to Nillion's compute and storage.

Anatomy of a
Nillion Node

  • [ ] Cryptographic Preprocessor

  • [ ] Secure Resource Vault

  • [ ] Coordination Interface

  • [ ] Public Particle Database

  • [ ] Program Library

  • [ ] Authentication and Access Control Service

Unlocking Unlimited

Discover what developers can do when privacy is an enabler instead of a constraint.

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  • Quantum secure messaging

    Secure and fully private peer to peer messaging with quantum security at rest.

  • Encrypted trading platforms

    A fully private and secure trading platform preventing frontrunning on sensitive trading data.

  • Private healthcare analytics

    Collaborative processing of healthcare data across multiple users and enterprises, unlocking new data insights and potential treatments.

  • Trustless games

    Creation of truly private and trustless games, eliminating trust assumptions present in conventional shuffling and dealing of cards.

  • Decentralized multi-factor authentication

    Unlock fully private automatic authentication of users based on a variety of factors such as behavioral analytics, geolocation, social contracts, etc.

  • Private inference of LLMs

    Private inference of LLMs protecting proprietary models and enterprise's/retail user input data.

  • Private Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

    Private semantic search of AI vector databases, eliminating the attack vectors and privacy concerns associated with search on plaintext data.

  • Decentralized storage vault

    Nillion enables the storage of data at rest in a quantum-secure vault.

  • Composable digital identity

    A place to store users' most important personal identity information such as credentials, healthcare information, or passports while enabling the data to be used composably across applications.



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