Nillion’s 4 Phases To Endgame






Tech Updates

After years of development, we’re excited to announce the four-phase strategy for deploying Nillion’s Coordination Layer.

The main objective?

A security-prioritized robust deployment in four phases. Let’s take a look at them.

Phase 1: Genesis Sprint–Deployment and Testing

Over the next four weeks, there will be a sprint to complete the Genesis Sprint phase, which will mark the official launch of our public testnet of the Coordination Layer. During this phase, you will have a chance shape the future of this layer through testing and invaluable feedback.

What can you do in Phase 1?

Phase 1 is all about foundations for a strong, secure and polished network. That means you’ll be able to first:

  • Create Keplr wallet
  • Transfer testnet tokens, stake testnet tokens, and test on-chain governance 
  • Download Nillion SDK with Telemetry

With your help, we’ll evaluate the chain’s baseline performance through load testing, and pinpoint potential issues before moving to the next important phase. For developers, this phase will al so allow for testing of your own applications that can then be deployed immediately in the next phase! See here for more info.

Phase 2: Catalyst–Integration and Extended Testing

In this phase we integrate the Petnet with the Coordination Layer. This is like flipping the turbo switch on processing capabilities.

Phase 2 Upgrades:

  • Petnet integrated with Coordination Layer for controlled testing of new cryptographic tech.
  • Coordination Layer connected with mainnet through integrated bridges creating a broader multi-chain ecosystem.
  • External nodes begin onboarding.
  • Blind Applications can be deployed on the Nillion Network.

This phase is critical for slowly decentralizing the Petnet by bringing external nodes online and thoroughly testing applications with initial community builders.

Phase 3: Hardening–Full Production Launch and Network Hardening

Once the Coordination Layer and the Petnet have been thoroughly tested and builders have explored its capabilities, Phase 3 takes us to the full production launch. Now we’re cooking! 

What happens in Phase 3?

  • Secure data storage and Blind Computation is possible on the Nillion Network.
  • Previously built applications and PoCs go live with real data.
  • The network handles real transactions and interactions at full capacity.
  • Operational external nodes ensure the network architecture is trust-minimized.

In this phase, the training wheels come off. External nodes will be fully operational, and various applications will run smoothly on the platform, showcasing the system’s capability and resilience.

Phase 4: The Multicluster Future–Scaling the Network

Once the foundational network and its components are fully operational, Phase 4 focuses on scaling horizontally by introducing new clusters.

Phase 4 focuses on scaling horizontally by introducing new clusters, which are groups of other powerful public nodes.

What happens in Phase 4?

  • Horizontal scaling through new clusters. Growth growth growth!.
  • New clusters offer diverse capabilities based on size, reputation, hardware acceleration, and performance. 
  • Clusters are formed tailored to specific marketplace needs for Blind Computation.

As this phase, the marketplace of Blind Computation grows to enhance the network’s capacity, and meet the different computational and security requirements of the market.

Stress Testing and Preparing for Scale

Throughout these phases, we’re putting a huge emphasis on rigorous stress testing to make sure the network can handle substantial loads and operate smoothly under peak conditions. This is especially crucial as we transition from a controlled test environment to full production. 

As the network capabilities expand, we want developers to build and deploy their programs using the Nillion SDK, which will broaden the ecosystem and foster our vibrant community of builders.

We want your patience over these past years to be rewarded with the strongest, most secure, and stable network that can be provided.

The Path to a Truly Decentralized Network

This phased approach allows us to build a robust platform with the security features and user experience you deserve. By involving the community at every stage, we ensure the network is thoroughly tested and supported, keeping true to our vision and ethics.

Each phase takes us towards widespread adoption of Blind Computation, paving the way for the next evolution of a truly decentralized internet designed with your privacy and security in mind.

Private inputs, public trust—this is the heartbeat of the Nillion network.

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