Nillion Joins the Interchain: Expanding the Blind Computation Universe






Tech Updates

Nillion is bringing Blind Computation to blockchain. Let’s explore the strategic implications of this move, designed to accelerate the future of Blind Computation

A Gateway to Opportunity

Joining the Interchain opens up new possibilities for Nillion. By making Blind Computation accessible across multiple ecosystems, Nillion is paving the way for developers, users, and decentralized applications to leverage high-value data with enhanced security and privacy. This strategic move not only strengthens Nillion’s infrastructure but also promotes a culture of open collaboration.

The Heart of Nillion: The Dual Network Architecture

At the core of Nillion lies a Dual Network Architecture: the Coordination Layer and the Petnet. The Coordination Layer leverages blockchains for what they’re best at – coordinating state across a shared global network to manage payments, governance, and network resources.

The Petnet harnesses cutting-edge privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to secure distributed secrets and execute computations on them. It operates without a global shared state or consensus on order, focusing instead on decentralizing trust for high value data across the network using clusters of nodes. Basically it’s where the magic of Blind Computation happens.

While Nillion isn’t primarily a blockchain company, we strategically employ blockchain to handle critical functionalities including governance, payments, and future resource coordination. Utilizing the Cosmos SDK, Nillion is set to offer a robust, adaptable framework that leverages Blind Computation across various interconnected chains.

Why Build in the Interchain?

The modular approach of the Cosmos stack echoes Nillion’s vision of blind modularity, allowing our network to adapt dynamically to both user and network demands. Additionally, the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol facilitates seamless integration with other chains – broadening the reach of what ecosystems and applications can take advantage of the power of Blind Computation .

Future Development : The Nillion Community

Exciting times lie ahead for Nillion as the Coordination Layer approaches its public testnet launch. During this phase, users can interact with the network using testnet tokens, testing its capabilities under various conditions. Phase 1 functionalities include wallet creation, token transfers, and governance.

Phase 2 will battle-test subsequent integrations of the Petnet into the Coordination Layer,  marking the beginning of progressive decentralization. Initially, the Petnet will remain in a pre-production state to prioritize security when working with new cryptography that is yet to be hardened, gradually decentralizing as external nodes become operational and applications undergo testing. 

During the testnet phase, we encourage users to stress test the system, preparing it for readiness of future substantial loads while coordinating with the Petnet. The initial Coordination Layer functionality will focus on foundational operations like wallet creation and token transfers. Once the Petnet is integrated, developers can upload programs created using Nillion’s SDK, making them accessible to the whole community.

The future of computation is blind.

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