DecentDAO and Nillion: Pioneering the Future of Decentralization Together




Charlie Rogers



We are thrilled to announce Nillion has joined forces with DecentDAO, a pioneer at the forefront of decentralized governance. DecentDAO provides an EVM-compatible platform that supports the transition from traditional multisig or Snapshot clients to fully modular on-chain governance. Backed by industry leaders like BlockTower Capital and GSR, offers composable tools and integrations that promote decentralization without sacrificing execution quality. 

The Decentralization Dilemma: Why It Matters

The ethos of Web3 and the broader blockchain community is grounded in decentralization, unified by the common goal of creating a more open and fair internet. For this to become the reality, we need to enable founders, communities, and anyone building a collective project to tokenize, self-govern, and operate efficiently.  

However, technological and regulatory barriers make DAO operations cumbersome and inaccessible for many. The outdated systems many DAOs rely on are not only less secure but also lack compatibility with modern, agile tools that could revolutionize their efficiency and inclusivity.

DecentDAO’s Visionary Solution and Nillion’s Role

DecentDAO addresses these challenges head-on by offering a secure and flexible governance framework that stands as the only solution of its kind capable of interfacing with the next generation of DAO tools. This framework is designed to simplify and enhance the process of building and running DAOs, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. This is where our partnership with Nillion becomes transformative.

Integrating Nillion’s Technology

Decent DAO has partnered with Nillion to build modular DAO tools that enables protocol networks to tokenize, self-govern, and operate more efficiently. Nillion’s Blind Computation can play a key role in overcoming some of the major hurdles DAOs face today including:

  • Private Voting: Eliminating voter bias and public decision-making.
  • Secure Data Management: Shielding from potential leaks or security breaches that plague existing frameworks.
  • Enhanced Participation: heightened security and privacy for voting and governance activities which encourages greater community engagement.

A Leap Towards a Decentralized Future

This partnership goes beyond technical collaboration, it represents a shared vision to build a more democratic, efficient, and secure digital future. Together, we are paving the way for more robust and resilient decentralized communities. For more information and to become a part of this revolutionary movement, visit

About Nillion

Nillion is humanity’s first Blind Computer. It is powered by a decentralized network of nodes that enables “Blind Computation” through the coordination and orchestration of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) such as multi-party computation (MPC), fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). Nillion believes Blind Computation will become the internet’s base layer for all private data as PETs continue to mature. Nillion has attracted a notable initial cohort of Blind Computation builders across AI, DeFi, medical data, custody, wallets, global identity, messaging, and more.

The Nillion development company, Nilogy, was incubated by CoinList’s seed program. Nilogy’s Founding CTO was the Founding Engineer of Uber (Conrad Whelan), the Chief Strategy Officer was the Founding CMO of Hedera Hashgraph (Andrew Masanto), the Chief Business Officer is the Founder of Indiegogo (Slava Rubin), the General Counsel was the Associate General Counsel of Coinbase (Lindsay Danas Cohen), along with builders hailing from Consensys, LayerZero, Polygon and Google.

Learn more by visiting the Nillion website or following us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.