Nillion Partners with Mailchain To Build A New Standard For Web3 Communication




Charlie Rogers



Nillion is pleased to announce that Mailchain, a team pioneering private communication between decentralized entities has joined as an ecosystem partner.

Overview of Mailchain

Mailchain is an innovative protocol in web3 communication offering a straightforward and user-friendly solution, similar to traditional email, for sending and receiving messages across blockchain addresses. Since its inception in 2019, Mailchain has been at the forefront of enabling seamless multichain communication among decentralized identities. It supports a diverse array of blockchains, including Ethereum EVM, Solana, Tezos, and NEAR.

The Opportunity of Private Web3 Communication

In a world with over 4.26 billion email users, inboxes hold more than just messages — they contain our thoughts, habits and oftentimes highly sensitive data. While businesses fortify email with security layers and backups, consumers often use free services that come at the cost of data control and ownership.

While decentralized technologies have ushered in a new era of the internet, it is missing a way to privately communicate using wallet addresses. This technology gap means users can’t receive private messages related to their transactions or coordinate with others in their communities without reverting back to centralized web2 applications.

Nillion Integration

The partnership between Mailchain and Nillion is redefining the landscape of decentralized communication by introducing a fully decentralized Web3 inbox utilizing Nillion’s robust decentralized storage. This integration seamlessly combines Mailchains intuitive inbox and SDK and Nillion’s secure infrastructure, offering users and developers an enhanced experience where messages are managed through Mailchains’ familiar interface while benefiting from the security and privacy of Nillion’s network.

It also paves the way for social media platforms to enhance user privacy and offers a blueprint for creating more secure and resilient systems in file sharing and content distribution.

About Nillion

Nillion is humanity’s first Blind Computer. It is powered by a decentralized network of nodes that enables “Blind Computation” through the coordination and orchestration of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) such as multi-party computation (MPC), fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). Nillion believes Blind Computation will become the internet’s base layer for all private data as PETs continue to mature. Nillion has attracted a notable initial cohort of Blind Computation builders across AI, DeFi, medical data, custody, wallets, global identity, messaging, and more.

The Nillion development company, Nilogy, was incubated by CoinList’s seed program. Nilogy’s Founding CTO was the Founding Engineer of Uber (Conrad Whelan), the Chief Strategy Officer was the Founding CMO of Hedera Hashgraph (Andrew Masanto), the Chief Business Officer is the Founder of Indiegogo (Slava Rubin), the General Counsel was the Associate General Counsel of Coinbase (Lindsay Danas Cohen), along with builders hailing from Consensys, LayerZero, Polygon and Google.

Learn more by visiting the Nillion website or following us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.