Unlocking Supply Chain Efficiency with Pindora and Nillion Partnership




Charlie Rogers



Nillion has partnered with Pindora to create the world’s first fully decentralized secure computation and storage infrastructure for the supply chain industry.

In recent decades, the majority of industrial processes have been outsourced to external service providers. Today’s supply chain is extremely fragmented as a result. The growing complexity of business transactions has pushed traditional IT systems to their limits.

Introducing Pindora

Pindora is the first DePIN Aggregator platform, offering extensive platform independent APIs for integrating decentralized protocols into existing industrial applications. DePIN utilizes decentralized technology to disrupt the monopolies of traditional cloud providers in categories like data storage, computation, and communication networks.

With more than 40+ years of combined experience in supply chain, IoT, Web3, and industrial IT platform development, Pindora can address all major problems that companies face when seeking to use decentralized services. Pindora’s application programming interface is a universal gateway to the fast-growing world of DePIN technologies.

Why Pindora is Important

Without expert knowledge, integrating DePIN is very time-consuming and expensive. Pindora has developed a REST API that is easy for any software developer to use. It brings together all DePIN networks into a single, defined, and platform-independent interface. This makes it possible for anyone with basic programming skills to build applications on top of this powerful technology.

This allows for very cost-efficient interfaces between individual parties in global supply chains. While traditional ERP interfaces are priced at $100k+, process data can now be implemented very efficiently with Pindora’s API in just a few days of development effort—and at a fraction of the cost.

The availability of real-time data processing enables the creation of autonomous systems that respond dynamically to unexpected changes in the supply chain, eliminating millions of dollars in manual troubleshooting.

Why Nillion?

Supply chain data is a closely guarded secret because no manufacturer wants to reveal their top suppliers, parts lists, or production numbers. As a result, most companies do not entrust this sensitive information to central cloud providers.

Nillion provides the highest standard of data security, and does so without being susceptible to the control or manipulation of data by any third party. The Nillion Network enables automated and scalable supply chain processes that were previously impossible to implement due to data protection and security concerns.

“Supply chain professionals refer to this vision as ‘Industry 4.0,’ which envisions a fully traceable link among all global supply chain participants, improving efficiency and quality while lowering costs by eliminating many costly issues. Pindora has partnered with Nillion to close this gap and create a new standard for cross-company data interfaces that boasts unparalleled security, privacy and decentralization by utilizing Nillion’s NMC technology. For the first time ever, Industry 4.0 becomes reality on a global scale.” – Andreas Pensold, CEO of Pindora

About Nillion

Nillion is humanity’s first Blind Computer. It is powered by a decentralized network of nodes that enables “Blind Computation” through the coordination and orchestration of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) such as multi-party computation (MPC), fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). Nillion believes Blind Computation will become the internet’s base layer for all private data as PETs continue to mature. Nillion has attracted a notable initial cohort of Blind Computation builders across AI, DeFi, medical data, custody, wallets, global identity, messaging, and more.

The Nillion development company, Nilogy, was incubated by CoinList’s seed program. Nilogy’s Founding CTO was the Founding Engineer of Uber (Conrad Whelan), the Chief Strategy Officer was the Founding CMO of Hedera Hashgraph (Andrew Masanto), the Chief Business Officer is the Founder of Indiegogo (Slava Rubin), the General Counsel was the Associate General Counsel of Coinbase (Lindsay Danas Cohen), along with builders hailing from Consensys, LayerZero, Polygon and Google.

Learn more by visiting the Nillion website or following us on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.